We All Deserve a Good Planking

We Deserve a Good Planking Challenge

My Friends over at Community Fitness are holding a plank challenge started by Susan Slater! This has inspired me to do the same with my crew, whether at Viva Arts or Community Fitness!

I did change the name of my plank challenge to We All Deserve a Good Planking ; )

We used to do a “Jean Plank” in my sessions, and I’m not sure why that went away, but let’s DO bring it back.
I love adding planks for core strengthening in classes. We need a strong core to protect our spine, hold our alignments and guard against any muscle strain that can easily occur in dance class, when you’re not engaging your core. Using this exercise is also something you can do anywhere, for a minimal amount of time, and affect a tremendous number of muscles in your body! This sounds like a great ROI to me!

The way this challenge works, is we’ll start on November 1st with a 35 second plank, then add 5 seconds every day till ThanksGiving, where we’ll finish with a 2:30 plank! *Again, all credit for this challenge goes to Susan Slater!

Do Join in! Post your plank every day, or from time to time. Tag me in your post so I can pat you on the back virtually!

I’ll be running these in my class days as well. So you can do them on your own, and with me in class!