DancePowered At ColdPlay Spheres of the World Concert 2023


Hello, DancePowered Fam! Today, I want to share our unforgettable journey supporting Coldplay’s Spheres of the World Tour.

Picture this: Gathering 14 dedicated Dancers/Performers to come together for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Ok, it was a small role, but a key role and a huge part of Chris Martain’s Vision for the finale of this concert!

It all started at West Seattle Summer Fest, where the producer for the Seattle Leg of the Tour asked me to gather a team to support he concert. I kinda couldn’t believe it! And for 2 months I’ve had to keep it primarily to myself! 

I didn’t even know what the actual gig was, till weeks later, and the dancers didn’t know till days before lol. But Everyone was on board.

So, obviously when you find out you’re going to operate the floating planets at the end of the show, make em’ dance AND dance beneath them… ask yourself…Who’s holding Uranus?

Hah! No one! They cleverly have called the planets cool & unique names! Two of them were so big that they needed 2 operators to man them. I teamed up with my dance pal Trina, and we got Kubick!

We also got to watch nearly the whole show from the floor! OMG Amazing “seats” Then we watched the end of the show from the floor, also holding the planets! 

What a thrilling and happy evening. It makes me smile to think we got that opportunity, and I LOVED watching the dancers feel so happy to get this experience! I wish I could’ve taken more people with me. But my rule was anyone who had been in the last few dance events with me who was available. 

Now that the thrill of summer has waned….it’s back to focusing on what fun events I can create for all of us! And to cheer you all on through them!

It’s going to be another season of winter UGH coming at you, so keep healthy, AND, Definitely Get Out There and Live! ❤️

 See You On The Dance Floor!

Many, Many, Thanks to ColdPlay, and to Chris from @FlameProductions

Want to join in on the next DancePowered Event?

The BEST way is by taking classes and showing interest! I love people who come with positive attitudes, and can weather and understand all that it takes to get through a dance production.

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