• DancePowered Experience

    For Your Inner Bad Ass

  • DancePowered Hip Hop Fusion Class

    Starts Jan 2022 Mondays 5:40 in West Seattle

  • DancePowered Experience

    For Your Inner Bad Ass

  • DancePowered Creative Camp

    Kids Edition | July 2021

  • DancePowered Creative Camp

    Teen Edition | August 2021

Dance Fitness Classes In Seattle, and West Seattle

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DancePowered Fitness Classes

DancePowered Fitness is a fun and empowering hip hop fusion dance class created by Jennifer Cepeda. It is a highly choreographed dance cardio workout designed for anyone who’s in for a challenge for both body and mind. We’ve expanded our offerings to include Hip Hop Classes, Summer Camps for Kids, Performances and Private Lessons.

DancePowered Dance Fitness Choreography & Music
Each song includes some advanced moves mixed with simple moves, arranged in a highly repetitive pattern  through the duration of the song. Expect to learn 15-17 songs in the hour. The set list will vary greatly from month to month, but in general, it’s a mix of hip hop, dance hall, pop, reggaeton, salsa, r&b, & retro.

Be prepared to learn a lot in your first few classes! We do keep a similar set list for several weeks in a row, so you’ll get to repeat a lot of the songs & movement. Come consistently to build better skills, aptitude, endurance and confidence! All Levels are Welcome!

New Class!
Hip Hop Fusion | Open Level

Mondays 5:40-6:40 | Viva Arts West Seattle
Thursdays 7:15-8:15 | Balance Studio Fremont | Starts 3.17

& Masks

Must Be Vaccinated and Wear Masks to Join In-Studio
In compliance with the State Mandate, Viva Arts and DancePowered are requiring In-Studio Participants to show proof of vaccination for entrance to the studio.

Dance In-Studio or Online

We are now teaching In-Studio in West Seattle at Viva Arts Seattle, and up North in Ravenna at Community Fitness. We are looking to expand our reach and teach in other venues, so let us know if you want us in your neighborhood!  We are able to offer workshops, small group privates and  masterclasses with either fitness or hip hop fusion choreography.
If you’re still shy to join us in studio, we are still livestreaming our classes. Just shoot us a note to let us know you’re interested: Info@dancepowered.com

Supportive Environment

We’ve fostered a welcoming class environment for students! It’s something that people really appreciate about DancePowered classes. There are no saved spots in classes. Should you find yourself trying out the class for the first time, you’ll likely be greeted by other students who’ve been taking classes for YEARS, and understand that a welcoming class environment is an important part of the DancePowered Experience!

You’ll definitely want to pre-register for class so we can guarantee you a spot in the room! Make sure to fill out our First-Time Intake form, and let us know what class you’re interested in!

Dance for your Health

Dance never really feels like an actual workout….it feels more like the most amazing self-care you could possibly do for yourself! The side-effects are 400-1000 calories per class, and additionally log 3000-6000 steps on your FitBit. You’ll sweat out toxins, build confidence, forget your stressful day, enjoy killer music and walk away with a kick-ass endorphin high!

If you LOVE dance, and you’re not quite willing to hit up a dance studio, but most dance fitness classes seem a little too easy, we’re for you!