Dance Fitness Classes In Seattle, and West Seattle!
Including Belltown & Capitol Hill

Dance Fitness Routine | Choreo by Jennifer Cepeda

West Seattle SummerFest Performance | Choreo by Jennifer Cepeda

DancePowered Fitness Classes

DancePowered Fitness is a fun and empowering hip hop fusion dance class created by Jennifer Cepeda. It is a highly choreographed dance cardio workout designed for anyone who’s in for a challenge for both body and mind. We’ve expanded our offerings to include Hip Hop Classes, both Advanced and Beginner, plus Performances and Private Lessons. DancePowered Dance Fitness Classes in Seattle feel very performance based. You’ll have fun & be challenged to learn dance moves that span several genres of music. It’s a class where you build dance skills! You will be able to take this class and use the skills in other Dance Fitness Classes, and many intermediate Hip Hop classes.

DancePowered Dance Fitness Choreography & Music
Each song includes some advanced moves mixed with simple moves, arranged in a highly repetitive pattern  through the duration of the song. Expect to learn 15-17 songs in the hour. The set list will vary greatly from month to month, but in general, it’s a mix of hip hop, dance hall, pop, reggaeton, salsa, r&b, & retro.

Be prepared to learn a lot in your first few classes! We do keep a similar set list for several weeks in a row, so you’ll get to repeat a lot of the songs & movement. Come consistently to build better skills, aptitude, endurance and confidence! All Levels are Welcome!

Dance Fitness in Seattle & West Seattle & Ravenna

Jennifer has been on the dance fitness scene since 2010! First with Zumba, then quickly evolving into a hip hop format, and now a hip hop fusion! Try classes in Ravenna, and West Seattle! If you can’t find a time you like, dm us to set up a private or an experience! We can make that happen for you!

Get Out of Your House & Start Moving With Dance!

Get off of your devices

Out of your house

Enrich your life

Add 4-5k steps in one class

and Supportive

Judgement Free Zone

Safe Space to Learn

Warm & Supportive Community

Oh. And Freaking FUN!

Dance for your
Body and
for your Brain! 

Move Your Body

Enrich Your Mind

Gain Confidence

Build Coordination