• DancePowered Experience

    For Your Inner Bad Ass

  • DancePowered Hip Hop Workshops

    Coming 2021


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  • DancePowered Experience

    For Your Inner Bad Ass

  • DancePowered Creative Camp

    Kids Edition | July 2021

  • DancePowered Creative Camp

    Teen Edition | August 2021

Must Be Vaccinated to Join In-Studio

In compliance with the State Mandate, Viva Arts and DancePowered are requiring In-Studio Participants to show proof of vaccination for entrance to the studio.
Please send ahead of time to info@dancepowered.com, or bring your vaccination card to the studio with you.

Dance Fitness Classes In Seattle, Ravenna and West Seattle

DancePowered is a fun and empowering hip hop dance workout created by Jennifer Cepeda in Seattle and West Seattle, Washington. Jennifer has been teaching dance fitness classes in Seattle since 2010. Her signature hip hop fusion style is addictive and popular in Seattle and West Seattle.

This class is designed for anyone who’s in for a challenge for both body and mind. The choreography style of this class is a fusion of nuanced dance choreography mixed with simple dance fitness choreography, arranged in a repeated pattern so you can walk in to a class and learn quickly. Big, powerful movements are mixed with nuance and style!

Choreography and music selection changes frequently to keep you engaged. New movement is constantly explored to keep muscles and minds learning and developing! You’ll get a mix of easy to follow choreography, and more intricate choreography that will be broken down and practiced depending on class participation. All Levels are Welcome!

New Class! Hip Hop Level 1-2

Mondays 5:40-6:40 | Viva Arts West Seattle | Coming Winter 2022

Dance Classes for Adults

While DancePowered is geared towards adults, you’ll, occasionally, find teens or even tweens with parental consent my attend class. It’s an open level format filled with people who want a little extra in their dance fitness. This format goes beyond the basics so you get a fitness level class, with the added challenge of exploring new movement and choreography. Music is not edited and often the explicit versions of songs are used in the class. DancePowered has never shied away from suggestive movement. So be prepared for some blushing from time-to-time. We like to go there ; ) With that said, you are always welcome to modify movements to your comfort level!

Welcoming Class Environment

We’ve fostered a welcoming class environment for students! It’s  something that people really appreciate about DancePowered classes. There are no saved spots in classes. Should you find yourself trying out the class for the first time, you’ll likely be greeted by other students who’ve been taking classes for YEARS, and understand that a welcoming class environment is an important part of the DancePowered Experience!

Dance Fitness Is More Than A Workout!

Dance has kept me active and moving throughout my life. It never really feels like an actual workout….it feels more like the most amazing self-care I could possibly gift to myself! The side-effects are I burn 500-1000 calories per class, I sweat out a ton of toxins, I’m strengthening my brain power, I forget any stress from my day, and I get to dance to music I love with friends!

If you LOVE dance, and you’re not quite willing to hit up a dance studio, but most dance fitness classes seem a little too easy, we’re for you!

Adult Hip Hop & Fitness Classes in Seattle