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Jennifer Cepeda

DancePowered Founder


Choreographer, Dancer & Instructor Jennifer Cepeda

About Jennifer Cepeda

Discover the boundless creativity of Jennifer Cepeda, a visionary artist and choreographer redefining the boundaries of expression. With a dynamic fusion of hip-hop roots and eclectic influences, Jennifer crafts captivating visuals and choreography that transcend conventional norms. Empowering dancers of all levels, Jennifer pioneers approachable yet transformative workshops, inviting enthusiasts worldwide to unlock their artistic potential. Join Jennifer Cepeda on a journey of innovation and inspiration, where every step resonates with passion and purpose.

Teaching Methodology

While Jennifer’s Teaching Methods vary from format to format, her guiding principle is to create a safe space for everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and supported during the learning process.

Jennifer is able to adapt to the level of the room, making herself present & available for questions and clarifications. She also believes in providing people with opportunities to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, inspiring & encouraging participants to learn something new!

Choreography Styles

Jennifer is able to leverage her seamless array creative gifts into her choreography, whether it’s Dance Fitness, or Performance Based.

She is renowned for her grooves, musicality, and range of genres she is able to tap into, from her roots of 90’s Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Retro, world beats or quirky throwbacks, and delivers choreo that embodies the essence of each song & genre.


Signature Dance Fitness Class
Est 2010 [14]
Hip Hop & Pop Music
15-17 Follow-Along Choreos


Choreography Classes/Workshops
Grooves/Hip Hop
Jazz Funk

Event & Performance Choreography


Stage Choreography

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