DancePowered Dance Fitness Class

This class features 15-17 mini dances per 50-60 minutes.
Follow-Along Style | Little To No Breakdown | Cardio

The choreography per song has repeating patterns that match the vibe of the music so you can walk in and know the choreography after one or two classes.
It’s taught follow-along style, meaning you just copy the moves as the music begins with little verbal breakdown.

*New Movement, genres and patterns are frequently brought into the class.
Any new, or advanced movement is broken down as it’s introduced. So coming frequently is helpful, but not at all required to get through a class! Just bring your willingness to learn new things, and don’t take yourself too seriously and you should be fine!
If you want more breakdown and attention on fewer choreographies, try our
Choreo Class or one of our Intro Workshops!

Open Level Format
Price | Drop-In | $18-$20