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    You Owe It To YourSelf!


    You Owe It To Yourself!

Adult Dance Classes in Seattle

Adult Dance Classes In Seattle

DancePowered is one of the most fun an approachable adult dance classes in Seattle you can find! It magically blends simple dance fitness style choreography, with hits of more challenging movements. These choreos are designed to keep you inspired, engaged, and learning while moving!

All Levels are Welcome!

This class attracts both former dancers, and complete beginners because it offers the perfect amount of simple movement for that cardio fix we want from fitness, and interesting and inspiring hip hop inspired movements that are stylish, fun and aspirational.

Make Dance a Part of  Your Fitness Routine!

Dance ticks so many boxes for a healthy life. Let’s break this down:

It’s FUN!

Our environment is so supportive, you’re going to feel ok learning to move your body with your fellow dance enthusiasts!

It’s Emotional!

Learning is so much easier when there’s emotion attached to it. This is through our inspiring dance choreography and of course, music you LOVE! It feels nothing less than amazing to be able to express yourself through movement to music!

Accountability Through Community!

You’re going to hit that consistency factor because you’re part of a community! Working out with friends will keep you committed to showing up every week!
You get a little FOMO, you don’t want to let your friends down in class, or miss out on being with the gang! And let’s face it, coming up on two years of isolation, being in a community feels especially powerful!

Burning Calories and Earning Steps!

While the amount of calories and steps earned in class will always vary depending on your height, weight, age, the class intensity and your knowledge of the choreography, you will definitely add to your calorie step goals with a dance fitness class! We’ve seen numbers like 400 – 1,000 calories per class, and even 3,000-7,000 steps per class! Those are big numbers!

It’s Incredible for Your Brain Health!

It’s becoming more and more commonly known that dance is possibly the best exercise mentally and physically, that you can do to prevent dementia and keep that memory strong! It has so very many positive effects on our brain in addition to our bodies! (See References Below)

We know we are gushing….but it’s because we are so excited to share our love of dance with you, and finding actual reasons beyond “We just love it”, is truly validating!

How Do I Start My First DancePowered Class?

Check Our Schedule Page.

There you’ll find times, payment options and directions for your first class!
Can’t wait to meet you!

We are also offering our West Seattle classes on Zoom, so if you’re still quarantining, or just being super careful and staying at home during this time, you can still join in!

Don’t forget to read these sources ; )

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