Seattle Dance Classes

DancePowered Performance Workshops

We’ve been working so much with choreography, dance videos and performances, that we want to make an official space and place to continue to learn and grow our passion for dance! If you want to join in, sign up for our waitlist! We’re developing programing right now so we can get to work on our next choreography! 

You’ll learn the foundational skills for the movements needed, and apply to the final choreography.

We’ll video each choreography complete with outfits!
You’ll have a priceless memento of your hard work to keep just for you, or share with your friends and family!

Projected Dates & Times:
Sundays at 11:15am West Seattle
Thursdays 7:15 pm Fremont

Length of each project TBD

DancePowered with Jennifer Cepeda offers Approachable Hip Hop Choreography for adults of all ages, shapes & sizes!

DancePowered Video Projects

You can view some of the dance videos we’ve created over the past few years. All choreography has been created by Jennifer Cepeda.
We love choosing locations all over beautiful Seattle to film in!  We take a LOT of time to practice and get our moves down as much as we can before we film. It’s SO much fun, and feels like a mini flashmob every time! 

This is an amazing experience to be a part of! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!