DancePowered Dance Fitness Pop-Up Class

75 Minutes! | Bellevue Washington | CoffeeDance
Follow-Along Style Dance Fitness Class
Sunday November 12 | 12:30-1:45pm
Sunday November 26 | 12:30-1:45pm

Come Thru for a thrilling dance fitness class led by Jennifer Cepeda, Creator of DancePowered.

“There is nothing out there like your class!”

DancePowered has always been an exploration & of rhythm, dance cultures, & vibes from badass to sexy!

It’s driven by Jennifer’s own natural passion for trying new art forms, love for diverse music genres, and ability to teach dance moves from seemingly simple to complex. The class will blend a mix of choreo that is easy to follow so you’ll get your workout, but mixed in with inspired movement to keep you learning, engaging your mind, and using new muscles!
You’ll find yourself challenged, inspired & motivated to learn & build your dance skills, all while having FUN!

Come try this one-of-a-kind dance fitness experience!

Please wear shoes for indoor workouts only. Check for debris before entering studio.

Open Level Format

Price: Drop-In | $25-$30 for 75min class
Where: Coffee Dance Bellevue
Date & Time:
Sunday November 12 | 12:30-1:45pm
Sunday November 26 | 12:30-1:45pm

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LIL Nas X Choreography by Jennifer Cepeda

*Adding this note:
All Choreography is created by Jennifer Cepeda. It’s a point of pride to be able to say that all the choreo is authentically created without stitching together from any other source!

I have seen tons of amazing dance fitness instructors who use other people’s choreo. Either because they license it, or have permission, or at least credit the original choreographer.

The choreography part of teaching doesn’t make you a better instructor. Those are separate roles. I just happen to also choreograph everything I do because I love it and it comes easily to me!

West Seattle Schedule

Viva Arts
near the corner of Fauntleroy and 35th Ave SW.

Wednesdays 6:40pm | DancePowered Fitness | 60min

Sundays 10:00am | DancePowered Fitness | 60min

Sundays 11:15 -12:15am | Choreo Powered
*No Class 11.12 or 11.26

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Delridge Way in West Seattle

Mondays 7-8pm | Beginning Hip Hop Fusion | 60min
This class focuses on foundational work and a short combo at the end, taught at a super beginner pace!

Bellevue Pop-Ups

Coffee Dance in Bellevue

Sundays 12:30-1:45 – 75 min Pop-Up DancePowered Classes!
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Community Fitness in Ravenna Schedule

Community Fitness | 62nd & Roosevelt Way
DancePowered is offered at Community Fitness! This is an entirely different business.
Additional waivers and payment system is used at this business.

Tuesdays 6:15pm | DancePowered Fitness | Community Fitness

Saturdays 11:30am | DancePowered Fitness | Community Fitness * First Saturday’s are now ChoreoFusion