West Seattle SummerFest Performance 2023

We work with the producers of West Seattle SummerFest to show off our hard work through Flashmob style performances right in the middle of the street fair! We are looking for people to join in on the fun with us this year, and hopefully many more years to come!

There will be opportunities and choreography for every level of performer to join in on the performance. From complete beginner to advanced.

You’ll be joining my core performers and coming in and out of several choreographies and roles I have to fill in each piece.

Our SummerFest Performance Dates:
*Times are subject to change

Thursday July 13 | 5:30pm call time later evening (typically 7ish) Performance time

Saturday July 15 | 1:30 ish call time 3:45 ish Performance time

Alaska Junction in West Seattle

Rehearsal Details Below


Main Performers:
Please join FB Group for Rehearsal footage & Communication