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Summer 2020 VidExP

Since our beloved Flashmob performance was not a possibility this year, I decided to create an all-level mini flashmob performance for whoever was game to join in!

We created separate groups of 5 and held rehearsals on Zoom and outdoors
to prepare for the performances in this challenging time.

I choreographed this particular piece without any transitions so we could keep as far apart as possible in the piece.

This particular piece is MUCH shorter than my past flashmobs as rehearsal times were much more limited than our standard rehearsal schedule.

This was such a relief from the monotony of Covid Living. It was emotionally uplifting to have a positive, creative, community building project to work on!

Can’t thank all the dancers enough for their hard work and great attitudes to get this project done!

Special thanks to my core Peformance Crew for helping me develop this choreography. Lots of hours of please try this and that, again & again 🙂

Thanks also to my gurlll Amy Leong for her assistance in filming my crew!

I’ll be adding crew best takes in the next few days. Keep checking back for updates to see your fam & friends do the entire choreo.

See Best Takes Here.

Crew Showcase | Best Take

Stay tuned for best take releases in the upcoming days. We’ll be releasing unedited versions of footage taken for the dancers to love or hate : )

There were a few days where my time was limited so I could only film in one location, while I had ample time other days and could do several locations….but we ran to each spot like crazy people (Pink Hots).

Past FlashMobs & Performances

A peek at some of our past performances & flashmobs!