Dance Fitness Class in West Seattle!

DancePowered is back with a new dance fitness class in West Seattle! Join us at Viva Arts Seattle right by the #WestSeattleBridge for new classes offered by DancePowered!
Here’s a preview of simple choreo with a little edge to keep you moving and give your brain and body a challenge!
Space is Limited, so pre-registration LiveStream & Outdoor Dance Classes is required for a spot in class.

Look for these upcoming formats coming soon:
West Seattle Dance Fitness Class
Dance Fitness for Teens
Creative Camps for Kids
Creative Camps for Teens & Tweens
Hip Hop Workshops

About The Instructor

Jennifer Cepeda is a long-time popular dance fitness instructor in Seattle Washington. She created DancePowered in 2014 after realizing her Zumba classes in West Seattle were fun, but not quite her style.

She has choreographed nearly all of her own routines, estimating over 800 choreographies since 2011.
If you like Hip hop fusion style, and to be challenged, you’re going to love this class!

LiveStream Classes Available

Not ready to join a live class? No Problem! This classes is offered by Zoom on Sundays and Wednesdays!
Check our schedule here, or InBox us for access to our Donation based On Demand Classes!

This class is meant to be a fierce and FUN workout!

You will burn plenty of calories, and earn a lot of steps on your #fitbit! Your mind is going to be completely engaged in learning choreography, so you can completely escape from your every day world for an hour while your butt is being kicked in class!

Class Environment:

I’ve always fostered a supportive environment in DancePowered. You can come and take any empty spot in the room.  We have a “no spot” policy, and also one of inclusion and support. So come any level of dance or fitness and just lose yourself in this incredible class!