This is actually a meme I created before the pandemic started…..
Apply it to any given week this year.

Personally, I’m digging deeper into my creativity to survive all the hits that have come forth this year…..and pivot along with all of you to keep up with all the mayhem happening in our world right now. Each week….no–Each DAY can change on a dime, and your whole world can be turned upside down.
The only comfort I can offer, is that most everyone is in the same boat at some point.
I’m doing my best to be resilient, flexible, and take nothing for granted. We have to get through some long months if not years together!
Having dance and dance projects fill my life this summer has been KEY to keeping me healthy and as positive as I possibly can be in this time. I’m definitely riding on those dance highs like nothing else!
What are you guys doing to keep positive? What keeps you motivated and hopeful in this time? I’d love to hear your thoughts….and chances are, other people reading this will benefit from your experience too!
Love you guys…..
And see you on the dance floor!