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Dance Fitness Workouts on Your Schedule!

We love that we can bring dance fitness right to your homes, available to you at your convenience! How many times have we heard that your schedule got the best of you? Or perhaps you slept through your alarms? Or you just  dropped that motivation right at the last minute and opted for a nap? Maybe you’ve moved away and our limited schedule doesn’t work for you. Here’s a great alternative!

Try one of these packages to help you brush up on technique, learn moves you can’t quite get in classes, find that song you’ve been missing in class! If it’s not on the play list, please request it and I’ll get it on the playlist!


Choreo Tutorials
Dance Move
Tutorials & Tips






Choreo Library
Plus Finesse
& My Power


Pay Per View



Finesse Subscription

Drip with Finesse | $12 monthly

  • Dance moves used in classes broken down for you! There’s not enough time in a full class to break down every move. We’ve broken a few of the classics down here for you. Plus, we’ll add in new moves as they develop in class!
  • Choreo Breakdowns! Newer, more difficult choreography broken down step-by-step, to include transitions. (YAY!), SO helpful in maximizing effort in class!

Study, brush up, nail these down on your own time, and come ready to smash choreos in class!

My Power Subscription

Choreography Library | $18 monthly

  1. Access to a growing list of DancePowered choreographies at your fingertips!
    Some content will only be available through this package.

Savage Package

Finesse Breakdown Library Plus Choreo Library! That’s everything! | $26 monthly

  1. You’re bringing Dance Realness and we LOVE it!
    Enjoy access to choreo tutorials, Move Tutorials, and Choreo library!
    Build your own workouts, or study a song in depth to nail it in class!