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MMMMM.MMMM.MMMM. This is a recipe I actually found on YouTube from Whole Foods. They are listed as Coconut Breakfast Cookies. However, they really don’t taste much like coconut! Regardless….I love these cookies. I made a few modifications to the original list of ingredients, and cooked them a bit longer so I could feel as though […]

I cheated and used my class members to send a hello to my pals in Barcelona ; )
Thanksgiving 2016. They were more than happy to accommodate!
We had a great class before noon. It always feels amazing to dance on a holiday!

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So Adorable.
Love these guys!


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My lovely West Seattle Dance Fam. These guys make my Tuesdays and Saturdays super special.


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Dance Powered. Fitness for your inner bad-ass.

This dance class features advanced fitness choreography set mainly to dance music. Every song has it’s own set of unique choreography, created by Jennifer Cepeda. Play lists change enough to keep the sets exciting and new, with each class lasting between 55-60 minutes. This choreography is meant to be a challenge  with original choreo from fast and hard hitting, to slow and sexy. All levels are encouraged take, and modify to learn at your own pace. Check out a few testimonials, or better yet, come check out a class on your own!
Check out the class schedule and get moving!



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April 10th, 7:00-10:00pm | tickets 32 | limited tickets available |

Get up Offa that Thang and join me for a Super Fun, SuperFly evening of dancing.
Among other things, your admission includes a two hour dance class featuring a list hot new songs for us to play with.
Think Hip Hop, Funk, and anything that falls under the B-A umbrella!
Light refreshments, dance games, and just regular ol dancing to follow!

What to wear? Dress SuperFly of course! Whatever that means to you : )

Buy your ticket here:

My Awesome students and I at Youngstown. A video shoot for a small project I’m working on : )