Making it Through Another New Year!

This Upcoming New Year obviously marks that aspirational part of our humanness. The great chance to collectively reset, realign, reconnect with those elusive goals.

I know I’m not alone in this…I have really begun to loathe seeing repeat resolutions on my list, and have made some good progress in the last year to make my goals happen. What about you? I couldn’t help but make a short list of what I believe to be immensely helpful in accomplishing goals.

Take this into 2024.

Remember that achieving your goals does not have to be an all or nothing venture.

Should  you fall off of whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, don’t throw your hands up and quit! You can start again within the same hour, day, tomorrow, week or next month!

You may know all of these things. But hearing them might be a helpful or motivating reminder to keep in your back pocket : )

Building good habits takes time ~ aim for progress not perfection.

Mastering a craft takes time & commitment~ progress not perfection.

Building muscle, takes time and consistency~ progress not perfection.

Eating more mindfully~ Something simple to try this year…ADD good Whole Foods to your meals every month, and try to cut down slowly, the things that you’re trying to let go. Progress, not perfection.

Surrounding yourself with people who have hit your goals, or want to ~ can have so much influence on your success! Find your accountability crew and let that influence you towards your goals!

Hopefully Dancing is still part of your self-care plan. I know it is for me! I’m always trying to level-up my own dance style, and learn new moves so I have an immense set of skills to teach and share with you! I’ve come to realize that DancePowered, is a skill-building class! I promise you….I am always learning….which means you are too! So I’ll see you in class as part of your self-care this year, and we’ll get through all the new stuff together!

I Believe in You (and Myself too)🖤