Help DancePowered continue to create a fun, healthy, inclusive community and bring team building events to the world. In this shifting and precarious economic environment, so many of us are really struggling to keep our businesses going. This business is my heart and soul….and I have so much more to give to my students, and anyone who loves dance & dance fitness! Please consider contributing to the business if you’re in a position or mindset to do so. It’s no small effort to bring this quality of programming to our community…and I’m pretty much doing it all. The website design, maintenance, choreography, social media, filming, film direction, art direction, branding, event coordinating, video editing, art & costume direction. My little business means so much to so many people! A place to shake off stress, learn, develop coordination, agility, dance skills and meet new friends, and additionally, performances that make people happy! Thank you SO much for your support! –Jennifer

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